Suffer to live

  • Autor: José Luis Mar Rodríguez
  • Biografía Autor: José Luis Mar Rodríguez
  • Género: Literatura y Novela
  • ISBN: 978-1973348924
  • Nº Páginas: 313
  • Encuadernación: Tapa blanda
  • Formato eBook: ePub | MOBI
  • Año: November 20, 2017

Suffer to live, is a novel of personal improvement, where the Psychologist José Luis Mar Rodríguez, manifests a new ideology focused on real life, providing tools for a better way of life. Worldwide, there is much suffering, pain, which is sometimes marked throughout your life, in your development in society, is a great obstacle, a great barrier, which you manifest in the depths of your thoughts, causing illnesses that you you originate yourself, the mind is so spectacular, that if you want the diseases there they will be, instead if your fluidity you use it to seek the light, the understanding, value your strengths, eliminate all your fears and bring forth that warrior that you carry within you, to achieve happiness is not easy, but it is something that belongs to you, life is short, your decision and the main basis is to be happy.

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