Observing Reality Through Desire

  • Autor: Miguel Ángel Guerrero Ramos
  • Biografía Autor: Miguel Ángel Guerrero Ramos
  • Género: Literatura y Novela
  • ISBN: cdlxi00348584
  • Nº Páginas: 35
  • Formato eBook: ePub | MOBI | PDF
  • Año: 2014

Nina’s a young attractive girl who’s got to search for the love of her life, according to a mysterious airtight female clairvoyant, sooner than three days from now. In order to fulfil said task, Nina’s scheduled to visit some of the most excellent geniuses and virtuosi of painting, photography and other visual arts alike; some geniuses who would get inspired by her, her glance, the beauty of a muse who irradiates her slightly wavy hair or her fragrant skin of pearly moon. This is, therefore, a story moored in the deepest desires of a damsel who’s been consecrated with such matchlessness and splendour. Or rather, of that woman who could well happen to be the reincarnation of Calliope or, otherwise, at least of all those corporeal shrewd certainties hidden behind the loom of yearning.

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